Intro to Photography

During this course, there is an emphasis on technical and aesthetic choices made and how they inform the content of our photographs. Students explore basic skills in digital photography, focusing on the camera, while learning to convey concepts and explore themes in their own work.  By utilizing the manual controls on the digital SLR students begin to understand how the camera’s settings effect images.  Students gain a solid understanding of the camera and photographic techniques, including but not limited to proper exposure, light, color and temperature, depth of field, shutter speed effects, elements of composition, and so on.  This course expands the student’s photographic knowledge and artistic vision. The class is devoted to lectures, critiques, and lab work.  The class participate in student-led discussions concerning the work of contemporary artists, exhibitions, and current issues in photography.  They also develop ways of responding to other student's work in a constructive manner, gaining insight into the work as well as providing the photographer the feedback necessary to pinpoint problems. We discuss the variety of forms and functions photography takes in society. Through presentations, websites, and books, we survey a variety of artist and artwork becoming familiar with photo history and contemporary photography.