Photography: Analogue & Digital

New York's urban landscapes and street scenes offer inspiration for students as they develop their skills in fine art, documentary, landscape, and street photography.  Beginners master basic skills in analog and digital photography, while more experienced students learn to convey concepts and explore themes in their own work.  This class is devoted to onsite shoots, lab work, critiques, and lectures.  All analogue work is completed using black & white film and paper development while digital work can produce in either color or black & white.   The objective of this course is to help students expand their photographic knowledge and artistic vision.  The class explored NYC by going on field trips to galleries, museums, and various neighborhoods.  At the same time, they develop their own work by completing a variety of shooting and reading assignments.  Guest lecturers visit the class, slide shows are presented, and critiques of student work are held weekly. The class participates in student-led discussions concerning the work of other artists, exhibitions, and current issues in photography.  Also included in the course is extensive technical training.  This includes camera controls as well as darkroom techniques and all aspects of digital photography.