Core Lab 1 & 2

These courses introduce students to the technical and aesthetic aspects of digital photography with an emphasis on the camera’s manual settings, the digital darkroom, high-end digital scans of various types of film, and continuous lighting. Students will learn an effective digital workflow when using image-editing software. The goal of this course is make student aware of photographic possibilities across a variety of technologies.   Students will begin to master basic skills in digital photography through extensive technical training, utilizing programs such as Adobe Lightroom, Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop. By completing this course students will understand how current technologies affect their creative process. 

Intermediate techniques in digital photography, continuing specifically with Photoshop, including beauty retouching, image-editing, and advanced output methods.  Through technical demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and technical and creative assignments, students develop an awareness of contemporary methods of photographic production while further developing their artistic vision.